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Each commission by Patrick Porter kitchens is unique.
Unrestricted by set styles or product ranges, the design of every kitchen is entirely bespoke for each customer.

We bring over 30 years of kitchen design experience across London, Bath and internationally. Combined with a complete management package, Patrick will personally handle every aspect of your kitchen project from initial consultation, sourcing of materials, build and completion.

Harmonising exquisite design with practicality, Patrick Porter kitchens embrace our customer’s vision whilst sympathetically referencing the architectural design features of their home, be it a listed building or modern design. 

Using the highest quality materials from sustainable sources, every piece of furniture is hand-crafted in the UK with absolute attention to detail. Practical, ergonomic and beautiful, our kitchens are as practical as they are beautiful.

To begin your journey, please call to make an appointment for Patrick to visit and discuss your ideas.

Mobile: 07790 584806

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