For an unspoiled semidetached London Edwardian family home, our brief was to create a space and furniture sympathetic to the period. Our client had expressed an interest in a Plain English style kitchen which we were able to design, create, install at a more competitive price. The focal point was a traditional cooks table which has a broad stave oak top, with a inset piece of granite for hot cooking utensils. Drawers under the table were incorporated all around for pans, and other culinary implements. Curved units were also included in the scheme to echo the curved masonry within the rooms themselves, complementing not only the period of the house but also its own intrinsic architectural style.

Our task was to unite the dining room and two kitchen areas which were on different levels. This was solved by designing a room divider from glass and wood panelling between the dining room and the main kitchen area. We also created an entrance through two large wedding doors. When closed the effect was a discretely hidden kitchen.

Our client chose farrow and Ball Limewhite and our own mix of army green which was mixed to match the exterior windows and doors.

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