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 The layout of your kitchen is almost as important as the aesthetic design. Think about the process of creating a meal: you may wash vegetables in the sink, move to a worktop to chop them, grab a pan and pop it on the stove, then plate up the meal and serve. You should think about how your layout will affect your ability to cook safely and efficiently. If you have children or dogs, you don’t want to be travelling any distance with a hot pan of boiling water every time you’re draining your rice or vegetables.

Thinking through the process of how you use your kitchen will allow you to better understand how to best lay your kitchen out. You may think a few seconds here and there wouldn’t matter but it all adds up, a survey by the Daily Mail revealed, on average, we spend 3 years of our lives in the kitchen which means even the smallest bit of time saved by properly positioning appliances and utensils is more time that can be used doing things that are important to you.

What if you already have your kitchen designed? Somethings you’ll be unable to change. However, by looking at the locations of kitchen cookware, you’ll be able to save time in the future and it’ll make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. 

Organising food items so they are easily accessible will be a great help when you’re searching the back cupboards for the five spice. The backs of cupboards are usually filled with numerous food items from over the years, from canned tuna to kidney beans. Not only will organising food mean a cleaner work area but will also help to reduce food waste. How many of us regularly check our freezer for months old frozen veg or potato croutons from a BBQ visit the previous year.

Next time you are making a meal have a think about the positioning of cooking items and utensils. Are you having to make numerous back and forth trips between the cupboard and the oven? Is the food preparation area within close proximity of the food waste bin? Even small additions such as an integrated bin, carousel corner unit or pull out larder will help improve work flow and reduce waste.  

If you’re in the position of renovating your own kitchen, you could consider a popular method for ensuring efficient and easy food preparation, storage, cooking and washing, called the “Work Triangle”. This focuses on making sure the main appliances (Sink, Oven & Fridge) are laid out in a manner that allows the user to move freely between them but avoids interference between each other. It isn’t recommended for example, to keep your fridge in another room (E.g. Garage/Pantry) as this will disrupt the work flow. 

In the end, renovating your kitchen can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience which you will appreciate every time you use it. People do tend to jump right into the design aspect however, looking at colour of units and style of cupboards. Take a step back, think about how this layout will affect you for the next 10+ years and enjoy the process.

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