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Although based in Bath, our client was renovating a derelict monastery in Italy and had a strong desire not to compromise the period feel of the building. Patrick entered the last phase of a project that literally rebuilt this beautiful, historic house from the ground up. Rather than opt for a the obvious traditional route his clients were sufficiently brave and design conscious to go for this contemporary style. Patrcik was asked to produce a contemporary scheme that complimented the style of the building and emphasised its change of use and renaissance. There were vaulted ceilings, split floors and geography to contend with. Through a very detailed consultation process, ideas and drawings he developed a plan that combined their passionate commitment to cooking, entertaining and coffee with the architectural setting of the building. Through our team of highly skilled carpenters, fitters and other specialist trades, the kitchen was crafted in England and installed in Italy.

“We were all very reluctant to leave this site……..”

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