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Whether your current layout needs renovating, or you simply want to refresh a tired colour scheme, anytime can be the perfect time to plan your dream kitchen. As many projects take months, from initial concepts, to being handcrafted and installed, the process is best shared with professionals who care about you, your home, your design and the quality of the finished product. But where to start with ideas? Do you really want the industrial look just to be in vogue?

Kitchen design in 2018 has seen an increase in timber veneers, colour contrast, texture, metallics and the ongoing industrial look. Although the tail end of 2017 saw the emergence of more bold colours and textures in kitchen doors, the mix of striking solid colours and woodgrains will continue to prove popular, whilst more industrial finishes like concrete will sit alongside these to really create interest in the kitchen. Our clients are increasingly looking for more variety and being braver in their style and colour choices which makes our work as designers even more exciting.

Golds have also been trending for a while now.  The move to combine them with browns and organic materials is going to be big for the rest of 2018 has been predicted Papilio. ‘Combining the use of neutrals, golds and organic textures makes for a warm environment with a slight seventies feel, hitting the mark in terms of both style and substance. Delicate pretty pastels present real design advantages and are a great way to inject a little fun into the kitchen, especially when used as co-ordinating or contrasting finishes. People are still feeling blue-from cobalt blue to powder blue and teal, blue is the colour of the moment when it comes to kitchens. Darker shades of this versatile hue are still proving to be the most popular.

Multiuse islands that work as hard as you do! Layouts are usually dictated by the space available, but islands continue to dominate with many larger kitchens now opting for two islands with a breakfast bar seating or banqueting seating attached to the island so that dining is incorporated into the kitchen area. They have been popular for storage and a place for dining, but less often they are used for actual food preparation. Islands can be put to further use by installing an appliance – the addition of a small sink or hob in your island will mean everyone can get involved with food prep!

The industrial look is still gathering apace with heavy metal and concrete effects. Feature brass taps, mixed metals and statement sinks are becoming increasingly popular too. Striking focal points can be created with brass doors, door handles, ovens, sinks. Look out for industrial styles feature such as concrete effect finishes (concrete sprayed doors or concrete effect doors) teamed up with black grip ledge handles and open style metal frame racks for storage and eye-catching features. Open heavy metal/industrial kitchen design shelving is continuing to be increasingly popular, adding their own personality by using small accessories, succulent plants and even deluxe food items placed on shelves. But what to do with useful but no longer beautiful items? Hidden storage will be more important than ever for hiding older cookware that you don’t want on display. Internal drawers, pull out storage systems, pantries and tall larder storage will also be making their way into kitchens.

 Patina finishes on metal is also adding to the industrial and individual look. Whether it’s copper or brass, popular patina finishes can be created by oxidation, chemicals and heat, all of which give dramatic and different finishes for a personalised kitchen. Natural unpolished timbers and attractive veneers Faux marble and stone worktops are still proving popular. Characterful veneers such as Pippy Elm & Walnut, along with cork and leather provide a welcome contrast to technological-driven products and synthetic materials.

 Appliances are also getting involved and taking on contemporary aesthetics, from pastel colours to bold, offer an injection of colour. Even a mix of metals are also trending now. SMEG have a range of coloured metal appliances in black, white, red, blue, mint and more which look great mixed with other metals like brass, silver and bronze.

Shaker style is still a popular choice with kitchen buyers. Handles are back as the linear style is slowly going off trend. A variety of materials are now available, from leather to bespoke hand crafted. Multiple ovens and dishwashers are often requested for ever increasing busy lives and dinner parties. Sinks are no longer just sinks- multifunctional troughs, which can be used for anything from chilling oysters, champagne or growing herbs, sit alongside a traditional sink to prepare food at.

All these changes are worth highlighting by lighting them up. Layers of lighting is key to any good design. The traditional line of three pendant lights continues to be popular and always looks stunning in a rectangular kitchen or hung over an island. They can be complemented with LED strips on the underside of eye level cupboards, illuminating the work surface. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can also supplement this scheme with some carefully positioned recessed down lights. Lighting under cabinetry and counters is an easy way to change the atmosphere of a room, by placing LEDs under the worktops to transform a kitchen into an entertaining space and create contrasts. The rise of the smart kitchen (all at the push of a button) adds to the ease of hectic lifestyles in this technological age. Soon the 9-year olds in the house will not only be the only ones able to work the remote for the TV, but also switch on the fast boil kettle, music, lighting and dishwasher.


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