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What actually is a bespoke kitchen larder, besides being the in vogue most practical item for storage in today’s modern kitchen? Traditionally, a larder or pantry was a cool area, adjacent to the kitchen. Most often this would be used to store perishable food. Originally, it was where raw meat was larded—covered in fat—to be preserved. By the eighteenth century, the term had expanded. A dry larder was where bread, pastry, milk, butter, or cooked meats were stored. Larders were commonplace in houses before the widespread use of the refrigerator.     You can now have kitchen larders for bespoke storage.

A larder was a room which needed to be close to where food was being prepared and cooked, as cool as possible and have masses of shelves and drawers. In the past this cold room would have housed meat safes, with the traditional perforated zinc mesh doors (to allow air flow and keep insects and mice out), jars of preserved fruits and vegetables, and sacks of cereals and root vegetables. Often there would be meat hooks in the ceiling to hang hams and other preserved meats. With the onset of refrigeration our need for many of these aspects has changed. Long term storage of most food products has disappeared as we no longer need to spend hours pickling.

Therefore, a larder can now be for whatever we want.

The format of the larder has been redefined in recent times and the desire to have a modified version of this room has been re-visited. The ability to store an enormous amount in a relatively small area has an enormous appeal, especially for those who are limited by space. With shelves, drawers, spice racks and maybe a stone-cold slab, the opportunity to customise are nearly limitless!

Marble or granite slabs were originally designed to keep cold in the hottest of weather. Fish or vegetables were laid directly onto the shelves and covered with muslin or handfuls of wet rushes were sprinkled under and around. We have designed some of our bespoke larders to include a stone slab to keep cheeses and cooked meats cool. Wet rushes are optional!

Virtually all the kitchens we design now have a larder of some kind, either built in, or as a beautiful free-standing cupboard. Quite often we will make these from a contrasting material or painted a different colour to compliment the rest of the scheme. The design options are extensive, and we will work with you to create what best suits your purpose. Whether you need to hide away the appliances, have a breakfast cabinet, store a range of beautiful jars with dried goods, or be able to file your spices alphabetically, we can design, create and supply your ideal larder.

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