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As well as creating fantastic new furniture schemes another great option that we offer is a Makeover service.

You may be perfectly happy with your current kitchen layout and the furniture is already of good quality. You may not be intending to stay in that house for long, or doing it up to sell. The makeover route may well suit you and save you great deal of money.

Providing the cupboards are in good condition and the majority of fixtures and fittings are working, a great way is have them professionally painted by ourselves. We can do this on surfaces that have already been painted, on wooden doors that have a varnished finish, MDF or melamine surfaces.

You will end up with a cleaner, fresher, more contemporary look to your furniture; consider changing the handles and the result will be stunning.

There are three ways to do this.

The first, and most convenient way for you, is for us to spray the fascia with a specialist furniture paint resulting in a very even colour and a high level of durability.

How this works is we remove the doors and drawer fronts, take them off site to be cleaned, sanded and sprayed. This process involves sealing any knots to prevent staining in years to come, re-priming and flatting off between coats, and finally spraying a minimum of two top coats of YOUR chosen colour from the thousands available!

A few days later these will be returned and refitted.

The second option is to spray, as above, and paint a final coat by hand to achieve the very slight “brushiness” that a decorative artist would produce; this final hand painted method is one also favoured by ourselves and many of the top names in the industry.

The third option is to hand paint entirely on site. This takes longer and consequently is more expensive. It also means that most of the work will take place in your kitchen, which may not be as convenient.

We have over thirty years experience with all of these methods.

On Site
Some site painting will be required in all the cases above; for example to finish end panels, plinth and cornice. However extensive masking of the areas close by ensures that the new paint only ends up where it should be!

Every effort will be made to keep the onsite work to the minimum so you are not without your kitchen for any longer than necessary. The use of modern water based paints with fast drying times helps this process without compromising the durability of the finished surfaces. It`s tough and looks great.

For the finishing touches we suggest you may want to change the handles or work surfaces, or add some additional cabinetry to match your existing layout, which we can supply and fit for you. In the event of any hinges or drawer runners that have not been working properly we can also arrange to replace these.

However if you are happy with the existing scheme, then a makeover is all you will need.

If you love your kitchen, and it is just looking a little tired, we strongly recommend you consider professional painting.

We will provide you with an obligation free quotation.

Technical Stuff
Preparation is the key to successful painting! A quick rub down or washing with sugar soap before top coating is not sufficient to achieve a satisfactory or long lasting finish.

We expect to have to wash, sand, fill and apply at least two coats of specialist primer. This will vary according to the original finish on the furniture. At each of these stages the surfaces will need to be flatted off before the next process. This takes a long time to do properly. Only then can the final coats of coloured paint or lacquer be applied.

Finish coats work best when done with a spray gun. The coats are more even in depth and the paint is applied quickly allowing the surfaces to dry at the same speed. This is achievable by hand painting but is difficult, particularly with low emission water based paints. So why don`t we use solvent based paint? Industry has generally moved away from oil or solvent based paint for sound ecological and health reasons, indeed many manufacturers have stopped making it for these very reasons.

Water based paints are just as durable as the older oil based products but have their own set of requirements. For example, they don`t stay “open” as long as oil. This means on a hot day the paint dries too quickly and needs a drying reducer added to slow it down. This is not an issue when spraying is taking place because the process is quicker.

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