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Patrick was commissioned to provide a stylish yet efficient environment for a large family kitchen in grand house in Cornwall, which was to include a bespoke kitchen island designed by the client and extensive guest requirements. This was achieved by tastefully incorporating ‘banks’ of appliances; icemaker, waste compacter, two dishwashers, ovens with different specifications, induction hob and teriyaki as well as a customised extraction system. Plenty of gadgets to satisfy the demands of chef and guests alike.

This innovation worked to provide a harmony of practicality whist providing a spacious and relaxing casual dining area. The multi level bespoke kitchen island in a mix of materials, with floating solid wood shelf brought the design together adding a stunning centre piece. After several consultations, drawings and redrafts, site visits, hand crafted manufacture of the solid wood units, installation and projcet management, the client’s vision was fulfilled. The kitchen design was the last element which helped to finish off the complete transformation of redundant hotel to a seaside villa.

A stunning house in a wonderful location. Once again we worked alongside Boniti who supplied the stone and wooden flooring.

“We have used your services over several projects and have been delighted with the results. You and your team have provided a high level of service and a real commitment to making sure we got a truly fit for purpose, quality product.It has been a real pleasure to be very actively involved in the iterative process from initial design to finally agreed piece. Many companies offer a custom design and build service but few actually deliver one; your company does.”

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